Chinese New Year Extravaganza Draws Over A Million Visitors

Throngs of people visited The Float @ Marina Bay for the annual River Hongbao on 6 February 2019.


“春到河畔2019”于2月10日晚圆满落幕。这连续八天的活动带来人潮,共吸引约139万人次到访。春到河畔工委会主席、裕廊集选 区国会议员洪维能受访时说:“今年的春到河畔与往年不一样,国人在纪念新加坡开埠200年的同时 ,更能感受春节气息 。” 他对今年能突破100万访客人次的目标感到鼓舞。

This year’s River Hongbao, an extravaganza of lights, sights and sounds to usher in the Year of the Pig, drew 1.35 million visitors from 3 to 10 Feb.

Over the eight days, the event was well attended by locals as well as foreign visitors, many of them thrilled to experience a cultural-themed extravaganza, which was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Float @ Marina Bay on 3 Feb.

The finale, themed Harmony Night, attracted a large crowd that included Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Mr Ang Wei Neng, Chairman of the River Hongbao organising committee, who is an MP for Jurong GRC, said that the hard work of organising the event paid off.

“What is most satisfying is when I walk around and talk to people, I see many first-time visitors who say they want to return next year, and the happy faces of young children, teenagers, young adults, parents and grandparents, as well as a diverse array of visitors from different countries. It makes it all worth it.”

Mr Ang Wei Neng, Chairman of the River Hongbao organising committee.

About River Hongbao

River Hongbao has become the largest and most anticipated Chinese New Year event in Singapore since its launch in 1987. This year’s edition is one of the major events of the year to commemorate the Singapore Bicentennial.

Participants had the opportunity to feast their eyes on displays by award-winning teams from Australia, China, Italy and the US. These teams have performed on iconic structures such as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and at major global events such as the Beijing and London Olympics

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