Fighting Scams With Awareness



裕廊警署于3月2 日在西城购物中心 举办“防诈骗意识 计划”路演活动, 武吉巴督单选区议 员穆仁理受邀出席 担任嘉宾。裕廊警 署与全国罪案防范 理事会合作,推出 四个视频,呼吁公 众对四种不同诈骗 案提高警觉。

As part of its ongoing outreach efforts to raise awareness on scams, the Jurong Police Division (JPD) organised a roadshow at West Mall on 2 Mar 2019. The aim was to prevent the public from becoming potential victims by creating self- vigilance.

Guest-of-Honour, Mr Murali Pillai, MP for Bukit Batok SMC, announced that the police would be launching a series of four anti-scam videos this year, and they will be centred on a character named Uncle Sibeh Suay. He cautioned that anyone, if not vigilant, can fall prey to scams. Mr Murali then urged the public to work hand in hand to fight against scams with more awareness.

In addition to conducting roadshows, the JPD has also collaborated with partners like SingPost to organise anti- scam engagements on how to detect potential scams.


Crime rates in 2018 increased by 1.4 per cent as compared to the year before, with e-commerce, loan, and love scams contributing significantly to the rise. Scam cases in 2018 increased by 20.6 per cent as compared to the previous year, to a total of 5,796 instances.

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