Residents Come Together For Litter Picking Initiative In Jurong Central

The Public Hygiene Council has previously announced plans to make SG Clean litter-picking exercises around the island a frequent initiative by making it a monthly activity from an annual affair.

In Jurong Central, however, thanks to strong residents’ support and grassroots involvement, litter-picking has already become a monthly activity since February this year. Mr Xie Yao Quan, Chairman of Jurong-Clementi Town Council and Member of Parliament for Jurong Central, who regularly joins the residents and volunteers during these litter-picking programmes, shared that he hopes one day, this exercise will be made redundant because there will be no litter to pick. This will also help the cleaning staff who work diligently to keep the estate clean.

He expressed his appreciation towards the residents – of all ages – who came forward to participate in the event and also encouraged their neighbours to join in. Mr Xie said that items such as cigarette butts, drink bags, plastic wrappers, plastic lids and straws, and now surgical masks, tissue paper and used ART kits are some of the most common litter to found across the island. He added that by practising considerate and socially responsible behaviour, our estates can one day be free of litter.

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