Jurong-Clementi Residents Share Their Thoughts and Wishes on National Day

From left (First row): Nursuzanna Jumadi, Muhammad Khairul, Lai Chee Chiek, Faith Lam, Justin Pan, Mohamad Latiff; (Second row) Elliot Wang, Leong Mon Wai, Nur Khalidah, Salbia Ali, Teo Heng Swee, Edwin Teo; (Third row) Melissa Ng, Gurmindar Kaur, Jayelon Lee, Zaclyn Leong, Jenabelle Ong, Vidya Kumar; (Fourth row) Nur Jannah, Melwinder Kaur

Jurong-Clementi Town Council thanks all residents who supported our call for the National Day Bannerette Talent Search. Here are some of our residents featured on the bannerette. As we celebrate the Nation’s 57th Birthday, they share their thoughts and wishes for Singapore.

What is your wish for Singapore’s 57th birthday?

We wish Singapore will continue to progress and be prosperous, where people will learn to be gracious and caring, living harmoniously together as one; a nation that we are proud of! Wishing Singapore to be forever young, peaceful and happy!
Muhammad Khairul and Nursuzanna Jumadi (Bukit Batok)

Happy 57th Singapore National Day! We hope that Singapore remains safe, prosperous, healthy and united in the years ahead! 祝福57岁的新加坡国泰 安,繁荣昌盛, 生日快乐!
Lai Chee Chiek (Clementi)

We wish for economic stability and racial harmony.
Faith Lam and Justin Pan (Bukit Batok)

On this day, let’s be grateful for the precious harmony we have, for the courage and toil that went into creating it and the effort it takes to sustain this land of miracle we call HOME.
Mohamad Latiff (Jurong Central)

Wishing all the boys and girls in Singapore a Happy National Day, and for them to enjoy their holiday!
Elliot Wang (Jurong Spring)

As per what Mr Lee Kuan Yew said in his Proclamation of Singapore – that Singapore shall forever be a sovereign democratic and independent nation, founded upon the principles of liberty and justice, and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of her people in a more just and equal society.
Leong Mon Wai (Taman Jurong)

I hope Singaporeans will continue to play their part in building a prosperous, harmonious and safe country for everyone, regardless of race, language, religion or even sexuality. The pandemic has recently taught us that we, as Singaporeans, living in this Little Red Dot, have to be there for one another, especially in times of difficulty.
Nur Khalidah (Bukit Batok East)

Best wishes and happy 57th birthday! I’m so blessed and proud to be a part of a prosperous and glorious nation.
Salbia Ali (Yuhua)

Wishing that Singapore stays strong, safe and prosperous.
Edwin Teo (Yuhua)

Wishing no more Covid-19 virus.
Teo Heng Swee (Yuhua)

What do you love most about National Day?

Every year, my family and I would stay home and enjoy watching the NDP parade together. I enjoy singing the National Day Parade songs together with my family – we love Home by Kit Chan very much.
Melissa Ng (Jurong Central)

The parade, it’s wonderful to see everyone dressed in red and white, united as one. I enjoy watching the different uniform groups marching by, knowing that they are always here to keep our country a safe place. And, of course, I love the fireworks too!
Gurmindar Kaur (Clementi)

I love to see the soldiers at the National Day Parade!
Jayelon Lee (Bukit Batok East)

Zaclyn Leong (Taman Jurong)

I love the National Day songs, the National Day Parade and performances. As a P5 student, I am looking forward to the NE show where we can watch the NDP rehearsal live at The Float @ Marina Bay.
Jenabelle Ong (Bukit Batok)

I absolutely love our wholehearted community participation in celebrating the significance of National Day. Whether it is the PM, MP or CM (common man), we all celebrate together as one nation regardless of race, religion, gender or age, with a lot of spontaneous joy, pride and spirit. We enjoy the National Day celebrations to the fullest, while also remembering the sacrifices that our nation’s founders made to give us the peaceful, successful, multicultural and sustainable Singapore that we have today. Love you, dear Singapore!
Vidya Kumar (Jurong Spring)

I love the fact that everyone comes together as one, despite our race, language or religion!
Melwinder Kaur (Taman Jurong)

I love watching the National Day Parade and watching the fireworks with my family.
Nur Jannah (Yuhua)

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