Stepping up the fight against Covid-19 with care and resilience

by Our Neighbourhood
Stepping up the fight against Covid-19 with care and resilience

While the past few weeks have been fraught with the ongoing Covid-19 global healthcare crisis, it has once again been proven that Singapore is always prepared to address any such challenge. With a resilient community and strong government support, the country has been able to tackle and control the situation in a timely manner.

In the Jurong-Clementi neighbourhood, the Town Council has deployed a number of measures in the fight against the virus. The frequency of cleaning has been increased to thrice a day in common areas that witness heavy public traffic. These include the interior walls, buttons and railings of lift cars, lift landings, notice boards, playground equipment, fitness equipment and seating.

The conservancy contractors at the Town Council have put in place more stringent cleaning methods, including using a hospital-grade disinfectant to further boost the existing cleaning process.

In a show of solidarity and resilience, community volunteers have also contributed by helping distribute the masks provided by the Government for residents. As we continue to overcome the crisis, it’s worth reminding ourselves that it’s important to remain calm, united and vigilant.