Chairman’s Message

by Our Neighbourhood
Chairman’s Message

Dear Residents

As we end another year amid an ongoing pandemic, it is time to reflect on achievements as well as areas that require improvement.

Sustainability is one of the most pressing topics currently and it strongly influences our work at Jurong-Clementi Town Council (JRTC). To mark the annual SG Clean Day, JRTC organised several tree planting and litter picking events as well as the launch of the CleanPod for the benefit of our residents. It’s heartening to see the residents’ response to our continuous endeavour to create green and clean spaces, parks and leisure facilities in the estate.

We have also ramped up our sustainability efforts across Jurong-Clementi at both organisational as well as operational levels. The e-waste recycling programme is one such initiative that focuses on JRTC’s sustainability drive. With several collection points throughout the neighbourhood, it is now easier for our residents to dispose of their old and unwanted electronic goods and batteries in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner.

Community living requires collective effort to create a pleasant and peaceful living environment for everyone. Issues such as hoarding and cluttering in common spaces can result in poor neighbourly relations. Hoarding may also impede rescue and evacuation efforts by the Singapore Civil Defence Force in the event of any fire incidents and other emergencies. Placement of personal items and parking of bicycles in the common areas are also not allowed. Residents are urged to keep the corridors, lift landings, stairwells, void decks and other common areas clear of any obstructions. For the removal of bulky items, residents may also contact the Town Council for assistance.

Let us keep our common spaces free and safe for everyone and build a better home together.

Finally, I would like to wish all the residents a happy New Year. Together, we can build a strong and caring community and look out for each other. Let’s continue to stay vigilant, practise safe distancing measures, and play our part in making Jurong-Clementi a neighbourhood that we are proud to call home.

MP Xie Yao Quan


Jurong-Clementi Town Council

Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC



可持续发展是当务之急,也是我们市镇理事会工作的重点。去年的新加坡清洁日,市镇会举办了几次植树和捡垃圾活动,并设立“清洁工具厢”(CleanPod) ,提供器具供居民打扫使用。我们致力于绿化和维持邻里的空地、公园和休闲设施的整洁,居民的反应让我们感到欣慰。




最后,我谨祝贺所有的居民新春快乐。只要齐心协力,我们可以建立一个充满爱心、彼此关怀的强大社区。我们也需要继续保持警惕,遵守防疫的安全距离措施,使裕廊 - 金文泰邻里成为大家引以为豪的家园。

裕廊 - 金文泰市镇理事会主席