5 Easy National Day Craft Ideas

by Our Neighbourhood
5 Easy National Day Craft Ideas

National Day is a special occasion in the Lion City – it’s a time when Singaporeans from all walks of life and backgrounds come together to celebrate the nation’s birthday. If you were not able to score the tickets to the National Day Parade (NDP) that will take place at The Float@Marina Bay after a gap of two years, fret not! We have come up with a bunch of easy-to-make craft ideas that will bring a festive fervour to your National Day celebrations at home while you cheer on the NDP participants. Get the family together and get crafting with our easy-to-follow templates that can be downloaded from this link.


What you need: Two empty soft drink cans, one cup of mung beans, red and white craft paper, a pair of scissors, tape, ruler and pencil.

How to make it: Draw the stars and crescent (as on the national flag) on red paper. Wrap the red and white paper around the cans (as above) and hold them in place with either tape or glue. Using a paper funnel, fill the cans with the moong beans. Trace the bottom of the can and cut out two circles on the red paper. Cover the opening on top of the cans, taking care not to touch the sharp inner edges of the rim. Your National Day shakers are ready to make some noise to celebrate the National Day Parade!


What you need: Red craft paper, people chain template, a small plate, a pencil and a pair of scissors

How to make it: Put the plate upside down on the craft paper. Trace the outline and cut out a circle. Fold the circle in half four times to create a symmetrical isosceles triangle with the small side rounded. Use the template to draw and cut out the silhouette of a man and woman holding hands, ensuring that the arms extend to the sides so that they can be joined as one piece when you open up the paper. Make a bunch of these and hang them through a string using small wooden pegs to decorate your room.


What you need: Paper plate, string, paint or crayons for colouring, a hole puncher, Red Lion Parachuter template

How to make it: Take a paper plate and cut it in half. Paint the paper place in red and white as shown below. With the help of a hole puncher, make a hole on both the bottom left and right sides of the plate. Take the string and thread it through the holes. Tie the ends of the string into a knot. Use the cutout of the parachuter or take any other paper doll or small plastic figurine and attach the back of the figurine to the centre of the string.


What you need: Red and white craft paper, recycled ice cream sticks, lion face template, a pair of scissors, tape, ruler and paper cutter

How to make it: Cut the red and white card papers into rectangular strips around 5cm wide. Fold them to form an accordion and stick the two together. At either end of the white accordion, attach an ice cream stick with the help of tape. Open up the accordion so it looks like a fan. Place the lion face template at the centre of the fan.


What you need: Iconic dragon playground template, two paper straws, white and red card paper, glue, a pair of scissors

How to make it: Cut the red and white card papers into rectangular strips around 5cm wide. Fold them to form an accordion. Stick them together at one end. Then, stick the paper straws at the end of the two paper accordions. Finally, stick the dragon template – head and tail – to each of the straws at both ends as shown below.

Download the templates here.