A look back: Behind the scenes at Jurong-Clementi Town Council

by Our Neighbourhood
A look back: Behind the scenes at Jurong-Clementi Town Council

From the meticulous property executive doing his/her regular inspections to the group of residents tending to the estate’s communal gardens, the many works, initiatives and accomplishments of Jurong-Clementi Town Council (JRTC) cannot be attributed to just one person, but an entire team of unsung heroes doing the best they can to make Jurong-Clementi a neighbourhood that the community can feel proud to call home.

Here are some of the great work that has been accomplished by the behind-the-scenes contributions of JRTC’s many partners.


Who needs an alarm clock when you’re greeted by the incessant crowing of a rooster at daybreak?

Just ask the residents at Blocks 410 to 425 of Clementi Avenue 1, who unexpectedly found themselves at loggerheads with a mysterious rooster that would caw and hoot continuously at 3am. Soon enough, the Town Council found itself inundated with feedback and requests from affected residents.

JRTC officers from Clementi Division immediately discussed the matter with various contractors, including the National Parks Board (NParks), on how they can best address the situation that considers both the welfare of our affected residents and the rooster. Even after their workday had concluded, they would continue to discuss the possible recourse with residents while scouring for the rooster’s regular stamping grounds.

Finally, after four months, they were able to catch the rooster and surrender it to NParks, providing affected residents a conclusive resolution to a troubling conundrum.

A well-coordinated and empathetic response to a fire incident

It is worth noting the critical sense of urgency that was displayed in the quick thinking of the JRTC team on managing a fire that took place at Block 236, Jurong East Street 21 in the early hours of 16 August 2022. The Town Council officers immediately established a temporary help station under the block, rendering assistance and support to anxious residents. Two days later, the Singapore Civil Defence Force and Yuhua’s Grassroots Organisation went around the neighbourhood to spread the importance of fire safety and good housekeeping practices.

Even today, the Town Council and Housing and Development Board continue to inform residents about the perils of hoarding and the importance of decluttering.

Monkey business 

Previously, residents at Blocks 339 to 371 of Clementi Avenue 4 and 5 would spot the occasional monkey scurrying around, engaging in everyday mischief. This would soon pose a significant problem between April and August 2022, when there were troubling reports of increased monkey sightings and activity.

The Town Council knew it had to amplify its existing efforts with NParks before it spiralled out of control.

In addition to regular patrols by officers, the Town Council also introduced a series of pioneering initiatives, such as tree-pruning exercises and intensified rubbish clean-ups, to remove potential food sources. Complementing these was an awareness campaign that entailed advisories, posters and notices at affected blocks reminding residents not to feed the monkeys.

The operation was a success. Since August 2022, no more monkeys have been spotted rummaging through the bins in the neighbourhood.