When Hard Work Pays Off

by Our Neighbourhood
When Hard Work Pays Off

What: Edusave Awards for the Clementi community

When: Late April

At the Clementi community’s Edusave Awards in late April, Member of Parliament (MP) for Jurong GRC Dr Tan Wu Meng had encouraging words for the students, who had put in much hard work to get to where they are.  

It didn’t matter what courses these students had pursued, whether they had known each other for years as neighbours or classmates or whether they were meeting for the first time at this ceremony. What bound them together was that they were there together, celebrating the results of their perseverance.

Dr Tan also stressed the importance of having friends to accompany one another on life’s journey. “It’s important to make new friends throughout life because no one can do it alone,” said Mr Tan. “So we assemble  together as a network of friends and family and neighbours, we become a stronger community which no one can break up.”