Estate improvement works and Lift Enhancement Programme in Yuhua

by Our Neighbourhood
Estate improvement works and Lift Enhancement Programme in Yuhua

To meet the evolving needs of residents, estate improvement programmes such as the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme, which adds upgraded playgrounds, covered walkways and new drop-off points, have been conducted in your estate.

Completed Works

As part of the Community Improvement Projects Committee (CIPC) projects, the upgrading works for the children’s playground at Block 109 Jurong East Street 13 has been completed.

Upgrading of fitness corner at Block 236 Jurong East Street 21.

Upgrading of drop-off point at Block 112 Jurong East Street 13.

Upgrading of drop-off point at Block 115 Jurong East Street 13.

Upgrading of drop-off point at Block 111 Jurong East Street 13.

Ongoing Works

The following CIPC projects are expected to be completed in June 2022:

Construction of covered walkway from Blocks 103 to 104 Jurong East Street 13.

Reroofing works are being carried out at Blocks 101 to 116, 215A, 217A, 221 to 223, 223A, 225, 228, 235 and 237 Jurong East.

Other repair and redecoration works that are currently underway:

  • Application of waterproofing membrane at Block 221 Jurong East Street 21.
  • Application of aluminium paint at Blocks 105 and 223 Jurong East Street 21.
  • Application of waterproofing membrane with fibreglass at Block 217A Jurong East Street 21.
  • Laying of new concrete slabs at Block 222 Jurong East Street 21.

Lift Enhancement Programme (LEP)

As part of the 10-year plan to upgrade more than 18,500 lifts in Housing and Development Board estates, the LEP will add better safety features such as high-tech sensors to monitor the lift speed and emergency communication system to the existing lifts. The new features include:

  • Ascending car over speed protection, which monitors and reduces lift speed.
  • Unintended car movement protection, which guards against the failure of lift components.
  • Slacken governor rope electrical safety device, which initiates a stop when necessary.
  • Car apron, which reduces the risk of people at the lift landing falling into the lift shaft.
  • Light curtains, which function as a door protective device.
  • Electrical safety interlocking for multiple-panel doors, which ensures lifts will remain in place when doors are open.
  • Automatic rescue device, which brings a lift to the nearest landing and opens the doors if there is a power failure.
  • Emergency communications system.

In Yuhua, lift enhancement for 47 lifts have been completed, while an additional 278 are eligible and due for upgrading under the LEP.