Embracing fitness and cultural diversity

by Our Neighbourhood
Embracing fitness and cultural diversity

The tranquil grounds of Jurong Lake Gardens were transformed into a mass fitness activity site as residents staying in the west thronged the scenic garden for the One Community Fiesta cum Family Sports Carnival on 1 December 2019.

With an exciting line-up of activities both on land and in the water, many eager residents took the opportunity to get into a canoe and paddle their way across the lake as they admired the lush greenery and landmark Chinese pagoda. As it was also the school holidays, event organiser Jurong Cluster Integration and Naturalisation Champions committee also put together a parent-and-child fun race for young parents to bond with their kids. Health-conscious residents who enjoyed doing a mass cardio workout also had a fun time taking part in the brisk walk and KpopX fitness. Some kids also got a chance to exercise their creativity as they learnt how to paint postcards at one of the carnival’s activity booths.

At the event, Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, and Adviser to Yuhua Grassroots Organisations, shared that the Singapore Symphony Orchestra had re-recorded Singapore’s National Anthem to commemorate the 60th anniversary of our national symbols. This was the first update to the National Anthem since the current version was recorded in 2001. It was composed in 1958 by the late Zubir Said. After Singapore attained self-governance in 1959, the song was adapted slightly and introduced as Singapore’s National Anthem on Dec 3, 1959.

Ms Fu said the adoption of the national symbols was an important moment for Singapore as a young nation, and the symbols are an anchor of Singaporeans’ national identity. “I think 60 years on, Singaporeans are wearing the flag proudly. They are singing the Anthem proudly,” she said. As 2019 was also the bicentennial year for Singapore, Ms Fu urged Singaporeans to continue to adopt the same openness as our forefathers did to embrace cultural and racial diversity in our society.