Chairman’s Message

by Our Neighbourhood
Chairman’s Message

Dear Residents

With the recent easing of restrictions in safe management measures, our hawker centres and coffee shops are back to being vibrant community spaces. In the past 18 months, a lot has changed in the way we conduct ourselves in public. Apart from wearing a mask, practising social distancing and good hygiene, a new rule has been introduced by the National Environment Agency (NEA) that requires diners to clear their trays, dishes and litter when they dine at hawker centres and coffee shops.

This mandatory ruling that came into effect on 1 September 2021 is the latest in a series of efforts to keep our public spaces safe and hygienic for everyone and especially the cleaning personnel who are more vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases such as Covid-19.

It will also help to redesign the cleaners’ workload – most of our cleaning workforce is ageing – and also help to prepare the tables more quickly for the next set of diners during peak mealtimes. Not only will it benefit the hawkers and the cleaning staff, but diners who will be able to enjoy their meal in clean surroundings.

Together, we can champion a hygienic environment as well as foster values and practices that make us a more gracious and considerate society.

Let’s do our part to keep our neighbourhood and environment clean and safe for everyone.

As part of our efforts to provide enhanced amenities to our residents, I’m delighted to share that the nationwide parcel locker network will soon be expanding its services in Jurong-Clementi. Residents will be able to collect and return their e-commerce purchases anytime at these lockers, bringing more convenience to everyday routine.

With the progressive resumption of community activities, I would like to urge all residents to continue keeping themselves safe, even as we progress towards a new normal of endemic Covid-19.

Making Jurong-Clementi a Town that we are proud to call our home is always a work in progress. To this end, we welcome suggestions and feedback by our residents so that we may continue to build a safe, inclusive and resilient community.

MP Xie Yao Quan


Jurong-Clementi Town Council

Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC







我在此很高兴地通知大家,为了提升便民服务,全国性的储物柜网络将很快延展至裕廊 - 金文泰市镇。居民将随时能够利用储物柜接收或退回在网上购买的商品,日常生活将更加便利。


我们不断的努力把裕廊 - 金文泰市镇打造成足以自豪的家园。为此,我们欢迎居民提出建议和反馈,协力建设一个安全、有包容性和韧性的社区。

裕廊 - 金文泰市镇理事会主席