Let’s Thrash the Trash!

by Our Neighbourhood
Let’s Thrash the Trash!

Trash day is always a messy affair. 

There is no universal trash bin that can accommodate all types of waste, not to mention the possibility of spillage and grime if the disposal process is not handled properly. That said, the benefits of a proper and ethical waste management process at home will not just uplift your quality of life but your neighbours’ as well! The last thing anyone wants is an estate strewn with carelessly thrown discarded item

This scenario essentially encapsulates indiscriminate dumping, which refers to the unlawful disposal of waste in undesignated common areas. Apart from it being aesthetically displeasing, this also results in an offensive smell that would permeate the entire estate and unwittingly act as breeding grounds for pests infestation, which can lead to various illnesses.

Credit: SPH Library

Disposing your waste responsibly and actively will not only deter these outcomes, but also encourage others to follow suit. The vibrancy and cleanliness of an estate can only be maintained through a continuous collaborative effort by residents and Jurong-Clementi Town Council (JRTC). Working in tandem with the community, we can keep our estates clean and make our residents’ lives better.

Here are some crucial resources that you’ll need to dispose of your waste properly:

  1. Bulky items 

JRTC operates a complimentary service that disposes bulky items for you. While limited to a trip per month, with a maximum of three bulky items per trip, it is a great way for residents to periodically get rid of sizeable clutter.

Simply click here to book an appointment.

  1. E-Waste 

There are plenty of regulated e-waste recycling bins scattered around Jurong-Clementi where you can conveniently store your electronic refuse. 

You can find these bins here.

To find out more about the differences between non-regulated and regulated e-waste, as well as tips on proper e-waste recycling, make sure to visit our previous article, Recycle Your E-waste the Right Way.

  1. Sustainability collection points 

Did you know that JRTC has over 70 sustainability collection points across the region?

Partnering with strategic environmental organisations like SG Recycle, ALBA and Cloop, JRTC ensures residents have convenient access points to recycle their unwanted household items.

You can find a comprehensive PDF list of JRTC’s sustainability collection points here

  1. PWCS refuse chutes 

For small, everyday household items, you can easily dispose of them via a Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System chute if one is installed on your apartment’s floor. Be mindful to utilise the chute appropriately, as improper usage will lead to unwanted chokages and potential breakdowns.

These chutes are not built to accommodate refuse such as:

  1. Long objects (like umbrellas and brooms)
  2. Bulky items (like carton boxes and pillows)
  3. Heavy objects (like potted plants)
  4. Renovation debris (like bricks and timber)
  5. Flammable items (like paints and kerosene)