Embark on an art trail in Taman Jurong

by Our Neighbourhood
Embark on an art trail in Taman Jurong

Through their storytelling capabilities, the art trail – including murals and installations – in Taman Jurong fosters a deep connection between the past, present, and future as well as the identity of the local community. 

As one travels through the neighbourhood, the murals and artworks act as visual storytellers, each portraying unique facets of Taman Jurong’s history and daily life. Created by various talented artists, these artworks celebrate the diversity and unity of Taman Jurong.

Discover the unique heritage of Taman Jurong by checking out these 13 mural artworks.


Location: Blk 323 Toh Ching Road

By RSCLS + ANTZ, 2018

The “Occupied” mural art stands as a dynamic and thought-provoking creation by the collaborative efforts of RSCLS and ANTZ, completed in 2018. This mesmerizing mural depicts a vibrant, intricate composition that intertwines urban elements with natural motifs. RSCLS, known for its street art prowess, joined forces with ANTZ, a renowned local artist, to bring this masterpiece to life. The mural seamlessly blends graffiti-style elements with ANTZ’s signature organic forms, creating a visually engaging narrative that reflects the vibrancy of the Taman Jurong neighbourhood. Youth residents share what the neighbourhood means to them while reflecting on the strong community bonds through the motifs captured in each flag illustration.

Marked Stones

Location: Blk 330 Toh Ching Road

By Juliana Ong, 2018

The “Marked Stones” mural art at Blk 330 Toh Ching Road stands as a testament to the creative vision of artist Juliana Ong, who brought this captivating piece to life in 2018. The mural unfolds as a stunning representation of marked stones adorned with intricate patterns and vibrant hues. The artwork, which features stone-shaped outlined patterns and markings, is co-created by Taman Jurong residents, and the entire artwork leads visitors to the entrance of Jurong Lake Gardens. Each organic form symbolises each resident’s story and the vibrant spirit of the neighbourhood’s art.

Kang Ching Mural Project

Location: Blk 339D Kang Ching Road

By Slacsatu, 2013

For the “Kang Ching Mural Project,” artist Slacsatu draws inspiration from the community’s identity and heritage, incorporating elements that reflect the unique spirit of Kang Ching Road. The spray-paint artwork illustrates the past, present and future of the community. “This mural was created in a style which I called ‘Alphabatik’ which was inspired by traditional batik painting. It’s a representation of my own culture in my own evolutionary perspectives with spray paints,” said Slacsatu. With the help of residents, Slacsatu created a shared visual narrative using everyday imageries and actual events that illustrate residents’ collective memory and aspirations for a vibrant and collaborative future.

Tomorrow’s Project Remixed

Location: Near Blk 338A and Blk 338B Toh Ching Road

By Terence Lin and Chai Chee Seam, 2015

In this artwork, the artists focus on the community’s younger generation through a series of self-portraits, family portraits and surrounding landmarks in the neighbourhood. The collective memories of residents and the energy of Taman Jurong are portrayed in this artwork.

Legendary Portraits

Location: Near Blk 338A and Blk 338B Toh Ching Road

By Terence Lin, 2014

In his attempt to embrace ageing as a positive and integral life process, artist Terence Lin featured an array of portraits depicting the community’s pioneer generation.

By showcasing pioneer generation figures, the mural serves as a visual homage to the idea that we should embody wisdom, faith, and perseverance in our aspirations for a better life and future in Taman Jurong.

Remembering Singapore

Location: Blk 357 Yung An Road

By Cassandra Koh, 2014

Cassandra Koh’s inspiration behind “Remembering Singapore” lies in a deep appreciation for the community’s strong traditional and cultural heritage. Inspired by local icons and nature, the mural invites viewers to journey through time by celebrating the past, present and future.

Verdant Monsters & Free Robots Playground

Location: Courtyard within Blk 64 and 65 Yung Kuang Road

By RSCLS + SPAZ, 2018

By combining technology and existing elements within the community, the artists drew inspiration from the past, present and future icons of Jurong to create various urban characters living in collaborative harmony. Through this mural, RSCLS and SPAZ highlight the forward-thinking mindset of the Taman Jurong community.

The Storyteller by Slacsatu (2017) for Arts in Your Neighbourhood

Location: Between Taman Jurong Community Club and Taman Jurong Food Centre and Market

The “Storyteller” mural art, skillfully crafted by Slacsatu in 2017 as part of the Arts in Your Neighbourhood initiative by the National Art Council, showcases a visual narrative featuring intricate details and vibrant colours. “Artwork for this mural involved community and its strong bond of friendship and sharing of ideas and emotions regardless of race. In the Storyteller, the artwork highlights most of the visuals we saw around us while growing up. So the mural reflects a sense of belonging and our dreams,” said Slacsatu.