The Dangers Posed by Killer Litter

by Our Neighbourhood
The Dangers Posed by Killer Litter

The last thing any passer-by wants is to be met with falling debris when he walks by a HDB block.

While Jurong-Clementi Town Council (JRTC) is working diligently to prevent such incidents, it is important that we do our part to keep our homes free of killer litter, as well as serve as advocates for a safer and kinder Jurong-Clementi.

There is no question that the safety of residents is of paramount importance. Let’s combat killer litter with compassion and understanding, so that no one will become a victim of thoughtless negligence.

Keeping a Watchful Eye

(Credit: Housing and Development Board)

Look at this seemingly innocuous picture. Do you think the brackets on this parapet wall are sturdy enough? A more important question: What if they are not?

The brackets might break, fall and hurt someone.

Sometimes, we all need someone to remind us of our blind spots. And that’s what a community is all about. By safeguarding the well-being of our fellow citizens, we can continue supporting and uplifting one another to be better neighbours and citizens.

It is critical that everyone keeps a lookout for communal installations such as this, and gently remind owners to keep our estate’s shared spaces safe for those around you, and those below you.

Not sure how you can spot a potential killer litter? Attempt this quiz by the Housing and Development Board.

In the meantime, here are some simple guidelines that you can follow at home:

  • Do not place items near open windows, air-con compressors and ledges.
  • Do not place items horizontally across the poles on your drying rack.
  • Do not place objects such as flower pots on and above the parapet walls of common corridors. If you must, stack them neatly along the parapet walls.
  • Do not throw items from your flat. Discard them safely in the appropriate disposal bin.