New park facilities take shape in Bukit Batok

by Our Neighbourhood
New park facilities take shape in Bukit Batok

The current playground between Blocks 139 and 140 in Bukit Batok is getting a facelift to include more features for children as well as adults.

The new playground equipment is a departure from the traditional slides and swings. There are more visually appealing and user-friendly concepts for young children and an adventure play area for the little ones to spend their energy at.

Additionally, there is fitness equipment for grown-ups that such as power bench, biking station, rowing trainer and balance board – all in a new look designed to encourage more residents to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Another new addition is the sheltered community space where residents, especially senior citizens can gather to socialise and bond with their neighbours. The covered hardcourt and stage area will facilitate residents’ gathering and allow more community events to be held.

Along with the landscaping work, the new playground will provide a fun and relaxing area to hang out at for residents of all ages.