Familiar with Singapore’s Smart Lighting System?

by Our Neighbourhood
Familiar with Singapore’s Smart Lighting System?

Photo Credit: Oddinary Studio

Fusing sensors with conventional lighting technologies, this invention enables any lighting network to adjust itself intuitively to an ever-changing environment, keeping communal areas illuminated adaptively. This way, a comfortable ambience can be cultivated and maintained for residents at all times.

Smart lighting, piloted locally in 2014, is a significant facet of the Green Towns Programme, a 10-year initiative intended to create a more eco-friendly, sustainable and neighbourly estate. Since its inception, Jurong-Clementi Town Council (JRTC) has been working proactively with the Housing and Development Board (HDB) to reduce energy consumption in HDB towns by 15% by 2030 – the primary goal of this nationwide campaign.

A Void Deck with Neon Pink Lights

In the heart of Yuhua’s neighbourhood lies a space where innovation meets illumination – the void deck of Block 224 Jurong St 21, transformed by the magic of smart lighting.

Here, amid the laughter of evening conversations and children at play, the smart lighting system illuminates the communal space with neon pink.  The void deck’s cool, futuristic, cuboid smart lighting panels have reconstructed the communal space as one of the coolest resident relax corner ever!

What is a Smart Void Deck?
A public place prototype for HDB Greenprint that integrates mobile furniture, computer vision and smart lighting to transform an ordinary HDB void deck into a Smart Void Deck. It responds to the changing layout of the furniture and different user needs, thus encouraging co-sharing of the space and improving quality of life through community bonding.

A Greener and Brighter Jurong-Clementi for All!

In addition to pioneering initiatives such as the widescale use of smart lighting and solar panels, there are other ways for residents to play their part in upkeeping a more vibrant and environmentally-conscious estate.

Recycle and Stay Green!
Did you know that using recycled paper is a simple yet impactful way to reduce your carbon footprint? Here’s why recycled paper rocks:

Conserves resources: By choosing recycled paper, we save trees and reduce the need for raw materials like water and energy.
Reduces waste: Recycling paper keeps it out of landfills, where it can take up space and contribute to harmful – greenhouse gas emissions.
Saves energy: Producing recycled paper requires less energy compared to making paper from virgin wood pulp, helping to combat climate change.

In 2023, Jurong-Clementi residents recycled 50,680.98kg of paper. This amount is equivalent to saving 865 trees

Let’s all commit to recycling more actively. Stay green, stay inspired!