Public Health Award 2019

by Our Neighbourhood
Public Health Award 2019


恭贺武吉巴督、金文泰、 裕廊中、武吉巴督东和裕华四区获得2019年度西南区公共卫生奖。这个奖项设立于2006年,表彰居民及合作伙伴所共同努力达成的三项目标:无 垃圾环境、干净及闪亮的公厕以及不传播病菌的社区。

Congratulations to Bukit Batok, Clementi, Jurong Central, Bukit Batok East and Yuhua divisions, which have won the Public Health Award this year. Implemented in 2006, the South West District Public Health Awards recognise divisions and corporate partners who have exhibited exemplary behaviour in achieving South West District’s three Public Health Goals

  • A Litter-Free Environment;
  • Clean, Dry & Sparkling Toilets; and
  • A Community that Does Not Spread Bugs.

ECo Day Out @ South West

South West District Public Health Awards is part of the programme highlights for ECo Day Out 2019 @ South West.

On 27 Jan 2019, the event was hosted by Ms Low Yen Ling, Mayor of South West District, with the presence of Guest of Honour, Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, to celebrate the concerted efforts by the community as well as corporate and institutional partners.

Into its 14th year, ECo Day Out @ South West is an annual environmental flagship of the South West Community Development Council to educate and engage residents in improving and sustaining personal hygiene and public health standards, celebrate the environmental efforts in the district, and promote conservation measures to mitigate climate change effects.

Objectives & Our Partners

  • Bond residents through eco awareness and lifestyle events;
  • Celebrate the achievements and efforts of organisations towards environmental and community sustainability.

ECo Day Out 2019 @ South West is co-organised with NEA (South West Regional Office), Bukit Gombak and Hong Kah North Grassroots Organisations (GROs), and supported by corporate and community partners such as MEWR, NEA (South West Regional Office), PUB, and companies and institutions such as Cimelia, HP Inc, PC Dreams, SembWaste Pte Ltd, ITE, NTU and NUS.