Residential Fire Preventive Actions And Mitigation Steps

by Our Neighbourhood
Residential Fire Preventive Actions And Mitigation Steps

For our families’ continued well-being, the following are some preventive actions you can take to stop the occurrence of a fire accident, and mitigative steps to reduce the resulting hurt and property loss.

7 Steps to Prevent Residential Fires:

  1. Electrical
    • Hire only licensed electrical contractors
    • Do not overload your multipoint adaptors
    • Discard faulty electrical appliances, like iron with tethered wires
  1. Open Flames
    • Do not leave burning candles near paper or other flammable material
    • Stub out lit cigarette butts before disposal
  1. Cooking
    • Do not leave cooking unattended, like in the microwave or kettle
    • Switch off your stove before you attend to other matters, like a phone call
  1. Hoarding/Cluttering
    • Reduce combustible material in your home, like cardboard boxes and paper
    • Practise good housekeeping and clear the house regularly of unwanted stuff
  1. Rubbish Chute
    • Extinguish burning ambers before throwing them into the chute
    • Call your Town Council or 995 for the SCDF if the chute is on fire
  1. Personal Mobility Aids and Devices (PMAs/PMDs)
    • Use only LTA-approved PMDs and do not retrofit
    • Charge to the manufacturer’s recommendation, like the charge duration
  1. Flammable Material
    • Store such material like paint and thinner away from the kitchen
    • Turn off the gas supply before going on holidays

8 Steps to Mitigate Residential Fires:

  1. Upon spotting a fire, shout “Fire! Fire!” to alert others.
  2. If the fire is manageable, like a dustbin fire, try to put it out without taking any personal risk.
  3. If the fire is non-manageable, evacuate and help others, including neighbours.
  4. Keep door keys in a secure place near the exit door.
  5. Call 995 for the SCDF and inform them of the location of the fire clearly.
  6. If anyone is still inside, inform the SCDF for the need of a rescue.
  7. Provide first aid if anyone is hurt.
  8. Buy home fire protection insurance for property loss and medical expenses.

The above seven preventive actions and eight mitigation steps can create awareness and, more importantly, prompt residents to take action.

Stay Safe.

Parthi Naidu on behalf of NSCS
This article is brought to you by the National Safety Council of Singapore.